Vishwa Suppliers is a reputable swimming pool constructor in Sri Lanka who offer state-of-the-art swimming pool construction solutions in Sri Lanka. Offering hotel, residential and commercial pool construction services in Sri Lanka we are known for our creative designs, innovative ideas and excellence in service.


Offering swimming pool construction services, repairs, maintenance and advisory services, we ensure you solutions to all your issue with your swimming pool under one roof. Whether you need a new swimming pool built or remodel your old pool or need help with maintenance we have a solution just for you. We have experience in handling projects of any size working with residential clients as well as reputable developers and hotel chains.


Paying attention to every detail from location, requirements, vinyl for the pool interior, light fixtures, safety fences, to planning your drainage system, we ensure you a functional and beautiful pool that will elevate the look of your property. 


To be a leading swimming pool construction company in Sri Lanka known for our high-quality services.


To deliver our clients a high-quality swimming pool construction service offering them a modern, and innovative construction solution with well-thought-out design elements for their space ensuing them a fast and effective service guiding them throughout the service process while maintaining utmost professionalism and service integrity striving to exceed our client’s expectations.



The chief benefit of Vishwa Suppliers Pvt Ltd's substantial Swimming Pools is that they are profoundly adaptable. Substantial pools permit you to modify the shape, size, or some other highlights you might search for.


Concrete pools are very long-lasting, like fiberglass is. You don’t have to worry that sharp gadgets will destroy the pool building, which is a weakness of vinyl liners. If you need to let your dogs swim in the pool, their nails won’t hurt the concrete.


Concrete also looks good. Perhaps “pretty” isn’t the first modifier that comes to mind, but concrete provides a standard pool appearance. You don’t have to annoy about a liner bubbling or departing, and if you keep up with the concrete pool subsistence, you can avoid the worst of staining and algae.